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Sanctions list check is mandatory

Every European company is obliged to regularly check all of its business contacts. Regardless of the country in which the business contact is based. The sanctions list screening is mandatory for every type of contract - so it also affects employment contracts, for example, in addition to purchase contracts. You must also document the regular checks in order to be able to prove that you have fulfilled your obligation.

SanctionListScreening offers you a cheap and simple solution for this.

Pay-As-You-Use principle

With SanctionScreener you pay no basic fee, no set-up fee and there is no minimum contract term. You can register free of charge and only pay EUR 0.08 per checked contact. Once a month you will receive an email with an invoice for the contacts you have actually checked and documentation for archiving the check results.

If you have larger databases that you need to check regularly, you can apply for even cheaper graduated prices. Contact us.

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sanction lists

With SanctionScreener you check all relevant sanctions lists of the United Nations, the European Union and the USA. Everything in one software. Different established search algorithms are used to compare the names (Levenshtein distance, double metaphone). This means you always get the right hits, even if the name was not spelled correctly or there are multiple spellings.

The most important sanction lists:

  • United Nations Security Council Consolidated List

  • EU Counter-Terrorism Regulations including Financial Sanctions (EU CSFR)

  • US sanctions lists including the individual programs on the Specially Designated Nationals list (US SDN, US NON-SDN, US Entity List)

Altogether there are around 600 different programs with over 70,000 names.

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Interface (REST API)

With the SanctionScreener  API you can connect your own software at any time and thus integrate the verification process into your workflows. The REST API offers you all the data that you also receive via the s-check interface. The connection is very easy and supports all common standards (REST, Swagger, OpenAPI).

There are no additional costs. You will only be billed if you actually check names on the sanctions lists. A demo key is available for testing, with which you can use the API free of charge (with a limited data pool).

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After registering, you will receive your access data for the sanctions list portal. Registration is free for you. Charges only apply if you check names on sanctions lists. You then pay monthly by invoice and only for what you have actually used. No basic fee and no minimum purchase.

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